Cyborg Cop II

Cyborg Cop II

Año: 1994

Género: Action  Science-Fiction  

Director: Sam Firstenberg 

Cyborg Cop II
A fancy, loner cop loses his partner to a crazed terrorist during a hostage rescue. He settles for the terrorist going to Death Row in jail. What Jack doesn't know is that the terrorist will be taken and turned into a cyborg for the "Anti-Terrorist Group". When the Cyborg "Spartacus" wakes up accidentally, he kills the scientists and their guests, then goes to set things up for a Cyborg Empire. Only Jack and a few friends know how to stop
Elenco: David Bradley , Morgan Hunter , Jill Pierce , Victor Melleney , Douglas Bristow , Dale Cutts , Adrian Waldron , Hector Rabotabi , Kimberleigh Stark , Michael McGovern , David C. Webb , Frank Notaro , Norman Coombes , Tony Caprari , Ken Gampu , Ted Le Plat , Robin Smith , Stephen Leader , Thys Du Plooy , Isaac Mavimbela .

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