Be My Sunshine

Be My Sunshine

Estado: Currently airing

Año: 2021

Género: Comedy  Drama  Soap  

Director: Ali Bilgin 

Be My Sunshine
Haziran is a city girl through and through, devoted to her career and the fast-paced lifestyle of Istanbul. She can’t imagine any other life, but when her company sends her to a remote Aegean island to clear the way for a new resort, one mistake changes her life forever! Poyraz is a simple man who’s drawn to nature more than people. Poyraz enjoys the peace and quiet of his small olive oil factory, which sits on a beautiful patch of land. Unfortunately, that’s exactly where Haziran’s company wants to build its resort... Sparks fly when Haziran and Poyraz meet, and the two opposites fall in love before Haziran realizes that it’s Poyraz’s land her bosses sent her to get. Before long, Poyraz’s factory is shut down, his dreams go up in smoke, and the whole town faces an uncertain future. To make things right, the regretful city girl must team up with her nature boy. Both Haziran and Poyraz are transformed by the experience, as each discovers something new and unexpected from the other.
Elenco: Alp Navruz , Ayça Ayşin Turan , Özge Demirtel , Bedia Ener , Eylül Ersöz , Rami Narin , İpek Tenolcay , Bülent Çolak , Beril Pozam , Nihan Büyükagaç , Enver Ceylan .


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